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Freedive Panglao

Freedive Panglao is on of the best place in the world to train for depth. Every year i visit my friends there to improve my knowledge and my divingskills. The experience of the instruktors there is huge. Also Instruktors can be trained there and they take care to make everybody happy. They organization big and small competitions with perfection and love to the sport. All levels of AIDA and SSI courses can be done there

Life Aquartic

Apnea Yoga and more with Life Aquartic

Life Aquartic is a very lovely freedivingschool in Kas Turkey.  SSI Instruktor trainier Adnan Yanbay is a good friend and we share our passion an experience. Life Aquartic offers training, joga and  SSI courses of all performance levels

XT Diving Pro

XT Diving Pro is a very expearienced Partner witch we are very proud to work with. The Helm XT series is carefully produced with experience since 1996. The XT Helm series  is categorized in the highest level of quality and performance.