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About Us

Markus Helm

Top level Freediver

Master Instruktor MI

and founder/CEO

of Helm products

freediving helm


The goal was to create a brand whitch is unique and from highest quality and functionality. The focus is on competition and hight performance diving, combined with long life guaranty. Our clients are all over the world.

About Us

This is who we are and what we do

The idea of starting a own brand started 2009 when i invented the first Carbonfiber Fluidgoggle. A lot people was asking for that goggle and most freedivers know it. Since 2015 the company is based in Austria, where all produkts become sustainable produced. We believe that customers understand the philosophie behind. We will never sell cheap stuff witch get damaged after less years. The products are made to escort you on you yearlong way and help you to perform a lot of amazing dives.

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7 years of competition experience help me to invent new equipment witch help me and my clients to improve in our sport. 



Technical experience

In my career i worked in a lot different companys and practise different processes of production. What help me understand how we can invent new products and find new solutions.




I am a perfectionism. This pushes me to create the perfect freediving brand. I want to be the best, not only in the sport, also with my equipment.