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freediving helm

The goal is to create a unique brand of highest quality and functionality. Focused on high performance for competition diving combined with outstanding durability.


durable and lightweight

both sided turning cable

quick release & easy sliding snaps

competition certified

Highest quality standards for freediving competition
Carbon fiber Liquid Goggle

Fluid Goggles

carbon fiber

made to your unique face

handmade in Austria

adjustable lenses

best hydrodynamic of all goggles

Scooter Waistbelts

  • uni size waistbelt

  • adjustable crotchstrap

  • extreme durable webbing

Scooter waist belt with crotchstrap for free diving and scuba diving

Carbon Fins

extrem efficiant


specialy made for performance diving


best carbonfiber qualitiy


best carbon production prozes


4 years warranty

Tailormade Wetsuits

feel free during your dive


very flexible


different high quality neopren


special logo design


experience since 1996


different options for spearfisching

Tailormade wetsuit
Freediving equipment

Helpful Freediving Accessoires

help you to manage your trainingsession

no more lost equipment

special equipment for deep freediving

 made from V4A inox

Freediving Courses / Freitauchkurse

AIDA 1 / 1 Tages Schnupperkurs


AIDA 2 / 2 Tage Einsteigerkurs


AIDA 3 / 4 Tage Kroatien Fortgeschittenenkurs


AIDA 4 / 5 Tage Kroatien Meisterkurs


Mouthfill Kurs /1 Tag


Performance Kurs 2Tage


Privat Freitauchkurse

Apnoekurse in Österreich
sailing and freediving seatrekking

Adventures Freediving, Freediving Courses

  • Freediving course AIDA 1 – 4

  • Seatrekking

  • Sailing and Freediving



Spearfishing Holiday

Top freediver Markus Helm

Custom Suit Design

show your sponsor

unique disign

different colours

get more supporters

2 years warranty

freediving helm


During seven years of competition experience I reached the professional level in freediving. In CWT I could reach a deptht of 96m. Since I started freediving, I´ve made apnoe-equipment by myself. Now, my products combine the experience of five freediving champions and friends to give you the most perfect tools for your success.

freediving helm


My goal is to create long-lasting and durable equipment for highest competition requirements. This products are made to use in saltwater and freshwater either. All used materials are carefully selected to accompany you for your whole freediving career.

freediving helm


I´m always working on further improvements to make Helm products better and unique. You´ll find the difference between my freediving products and others in the details like their durability. Helm products look simple but excel at it´s perfect functionality. I fully trust my products and you will trust Helm products too.

freediving helm